Waterloo, Qc, Canada
TEL : 450 539 2096
FAX : 450 242 1347
Metal hand  spinning lathe


We are a Family owned business operating a
General Machine Shop since 1982.

We have been active in a wide field of activity for industrial
maintenance to research and development of many projects
and products. In the last 13 years,  we complimented our
machine shop with a spinning  department that quickly
became Bazz's favorite activity.

We are always happy to take on custom projects.
Please feel free to stroll through this site. And please don't
hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or wish to
place an order.
In here you will find out some of the stuff we make and I will
try to update this site often so you can have a peek of what is
on the floor as our current project. We hope that you are
going to be like most of my customers stop and visit just
to see what Bazz is up to.

can walk in and have something repaired or built.
18'' or 24''' Variable pulleys drive
                  3 HP