If you ever tried to turn a perfect Hemisphere
without the proper equipment you will soon find
out the meaning of the word aggravation and
waste of time if you make it in wood .

Our chuck are cast aluminum  and are sold
ready to machine or ready to use.

Standard  thread in the chuck is 1x 8 nc any other
one may be supplied at an extra cost all chucks
have an extra inch at the end of the hemisphere.   

Not recommended for spinning aluminum
it will stick to the chuck.

Size from 2 inches  up to 12 inches are available
from the shelf  for a quick delivery

Solid  steel  chuck also desirable for spinning
most metal and for a longer tool life.

Custom mandrel of any shape are welcome
up to 36 inches diameter.  
Custom mandrel in cast
aluminum 14'' diameter photo
shows the finish before
machining. With some free hand
machining this chuck will be
ready in only a few minutes.